Track and field: Wyoming state champions, master list key

This key is for use with the master list of Wyoming track and field champions. The letter “B” or “G” on the front of the event indicates whether it was a boys or girls event, respectively. The characters that follow the first letter indicate the following events:


100M: 100 meter dash

100Y: 100 yard dash

1600M: 1600 meter run

200M: 200 meter dash

220Y: 220 yard dash

2Mile: 2 mile run

3200M: 3200 meter run

400M: 400 meter dash

440Y: 440 yard dash

50Y: 50 yard dash

800M: 800 meter run

880Y: 880 yard run

Mile: Mile run


100MH: 100 meter hurdles

110MH: 110 meter hurdles

110YH: 110 yard hurdles

120YH: 120 yard hurdles

180YH: 180 yard hurdles

200MH: 200 meter hurdles

200YH: 200 yard hurdles

220YH: 220 yard hurdles

300MH: 300 meter hurdles

330YH: 330 yard hurdles

50YH: 50 yard hurdles

75MH: 75 meter hurdles

80YH: 80 yard hurdles


1600MMed: 1600 meter medley relay

440YPursuit: 440 yard pursuit relay

4X100M: 4×100 meter relay

4X110Y: 4×110 yard relay

4X200M: 4×200 meter relay

4X220Y: 4×220 yard relay

4X400M: 4×400 meter relay

4X440Y: 4×440 yard relay

4X800M: 4×800 meter relay

4X880Y: 4×880 yard relay

800MMed: 800 meter medley relay

800MPursuit: 800 meter pursuit relay

880YMed: 880 yard medley relay

880YPursuit: 880 yard pursuit relay

MileMed: Mile medley relay

Field events

DISC: Discus

HJ: High jump

JAV: Javelin

LJ: Long jump (or broad jump)

PV: Pole vault

SBT: Softball throw

SLJ: Standing long jump

SP: Shot put

TJ: Triple jump