Champlists: The Wyoming high school sports archive is the home for Wyoming high school state champions across all sports recognized by the Wyoming High School Activities Association.

Football and basketball records are housed at their own sites.

Sports vary considerably in when they started sanctioned state events. The first dates on each sport are, near as current research can tell, the first year for sanctioned state events in those sports.

The sports

Help me finish this project!

For now, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Many sports have incomplete listings of their champions. Your help is invaluable to completing these lists. Please use this form to send me any missing information you have, as well as any documentation you have to support it, such as a newspaper clipping, yearbook listing or something similar.

Occasionally, I mess up. I spell a name wrong, I get a score wrong, I calculate a record wrong… If you think I’ve got something wrong on this site, let me know. As always, it’s best to try to include some documentation to prove I’m wrong.

Sometimes, the best way to make sure the records are as complete and as accurate as they can be is to simply let people know this site exists. So spread the link around to your buddies.


Significant credit for the records listed here goes to the Wyoming High School Activities Association. The sports archive section of their site provided a huge start for this project. “Stat Rat” Jim Craig has provided significant help on the listings for track and field and basketball, among other sports. Mike Ragan has been essential in research for basketball records. Other information has been obtained through the Casper Star-Tribune’s archive on and through school yearbooks on Classmates.

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